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McKay Bridge DSC_3480

McKay Bridge DSC_3480

Final Image
You were somewhere in the city when you fell. You were up high. The harbour was laid out before you. The bridge with its tiny cars beckoned you somehow. Perhaps it was the clouds beyond. You should have just stayed where you were and enjoyed it. But you took a step forward as if to answer the call. And then that was the last step. And as your mind left your body, the last thing you would ever see stayed with you only for a moment, like a footprint on a beach between waves. The bridge went dark, was going dark. And then the clouds were all.
30 March 2019
Texas Jim
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Category:Architecture and Structures
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Keywords:Halifax, Mckay, Nova, Scotia, and, black, bridge, canada, clouds, dreamlike, focus, foreboding, harbor, harbour, monochrome, soft, suspension, white