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Dreaming the Life for web DSC_5264

Dreaming the Life for web DSC_5264

Dreaming the Life
It's common to hear, when you ask someone how they're doing, "Oh, I'm living the dream." But is that really true? I mean, it's said with a smile to indicate a certain humorousness. Because living a dream would be to make something substantial that in reality has no substance. And we know we can't do that. Instead we are dreaming a life. We feel there is a certain substance, yet we can't quite put our finger on it. We look at the past and all we have are stories. We look at the future and all we have are hopes and fears. And before we can look at now, it's then. Whoa! So we really might as well relax, like these two youngsters on the bow of the Andromede yesterday who were quite happy with their ride and its speed and their bow wave. Because they knew their dad wasn't really going to run over the slow boat ahead of them, whose helmsman wasn't bothering to steer because he was taking pictures. But they could imagine. <3
6 September 2022
Texas Jim
Burnt Island, Nova Scotia
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