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Blue Bicycle 1 w sigDaffodil and Dandelions DSC_0588Drift with borderDwellings of Prospect - Coolens Stage with borderOn the Upswell w border DSC_0405Still Life Through a Window w border DSC_0451The Fishing Past and Present w border DSC_0429The Floating Life with borderBoat in the Window w sig DSC_2660Marble and Bottletops w sig DSC_2807Snapshot from the In Between for web DSC_7725Workboats of Nova Scotia No 2 DSC_7730A Chair and Some Light Through a Window DSC_8053Discussion about Shadows DSC_8245_01Curtain and ShadowThe Light on the Little Angel DSC_0558Everything You Need Is Everywhere You Are DSC_9107Prospect Heart and Soul DSC_0221Mooring Buoy Come Adrift DSC_3407Fishbone on a String DSC_3503

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