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Lily Pads and Grass DSC_1403Dual Citizen DSC_0815Reflection of Redwoods on Mill Creek w border DSC_0449Shadows on Mossy Pond w border DSC_0320A Different Light on the Lilies DSC_1401Cattails w border DSC_0097Lilies - Reflections 2 w sig DSC_0788Lilies - Reflections 4 w sig DSC_0806Stump and Shadow w border DSC_0829Water Lilies - Pond in Hackett's Cove DSC_1386Water Lilies 2 DSC_1391Water Lilies 3 DSC_1395Water Lily Greeting the Shore 2 DSC_1705Water Lily Greeting the Shore DSC_1702At Walker Lake w border DSC_0067Pond Growth 2 w sig DSC_0973Pond Growth w sig DSC_0970Along Mill Creek w border DSC_0424Seaweed Beard w sig DSC_2798Seaweed - High and Dry at Low Tide for web DSC_7591

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