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Abandoned Garden w border DSC_0460Darling Angel w sigDock Ornament's Lament w border DSC_0494Forgotten Statuette w sig DSC_0060Memorial to Gratitude w sig DSC_0742No Direction Home with BorderSwimming Away w border DSC_0521Two Statues w sig DSC_3423Meditating Through It All w sig for web DSC_4435The Light on the Little Angel DSC_0558The Face in the Stump for web DSC_9030Cool Boredom DSC_9080Headstone with Sheaf of Wheat for web DSC_0026Rooftop Statuary Mendocino DSC_2994When a Star is Your Heart DSC_4139Dolphin Fountain for web DSC_3025Tangled Gardens Mystery ManHow Dreams Come True DSC_5209Good Afternoon in the Good Afternoon for web DSC_6865DSC_6814

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