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Old Gate DSC_3494

Old Gate DSC_3494

Episode 8. The Gate and the Foundation and Jovina

"You silly gate," Jovina said. "You're all alone. You don't have a fence to go with you. You can't keep anyone out or let anyone in. Everyone just walks around on either side. You're useless. You're absurd."

And yet she stayed there, sometimes talking to the gate and sometimes not. She rested her hand on top and felt the feel of it, cool and rough and bumpy where the vertical pieces were welded on. She walked around it and viewed it from all sides. She waved to passers-by who paused to cast curious looks in her direction, as if she and the gate were equally out of the ordinary.

She wondered when the fence had disappeared. She wondered why. She wondered why the gate was left. Perhaps there was a spiritual significance. Perhaps it was the gateway to the mystery of life. Perhaps if she went through it, Sonny Boy would be there on the other side and he would take her hand.

However, though unlatched, the gate could not be opened far enough for her to get through. Its hinges were frozen with corrosion. And the bars were set too close together for Jovina as a woman to slip between. She could have as a girl. But then there was no Sonny Boy. And when she was a girl she hadn't known there was a mystery to life. So even if she could have gone back to that time, it would have been no help.

On past the gate there was a thicket. Then there was the sea. And where the hill dropped down was what had been a house but now was only a foundation. Another uselessness. A concrete square upholding nothing anymore and swarmed inside with weeds and briars. After finally abandoning the gate, Jovina went and contemplated this second possibility of mystery.

"Oh, Sonny," she sighed, "I'm too old to wander around like a child, and too young to know what to do about you. Maybe I should be more reasonable and just get back to work. I don't even know who you are! Just some fisherman I saw on the dock. And now you're not there anymore and I can't find out where you've gone. This is crazy. I feel as absurd as a gate without a fence and a foundation without a house. And it's too early for that!"

Her cell phone was buzzing with incoming texts. She turned it off and shoved it in a pocket of her trousers. The sun had disappeared behind a cloud and a snow flurry was whipping down over her. She zipped her jacket up and hugged herself tight. She wasn't dressed for such anomalies. Even Spring wasn't getting it right.

The ocean in the sudden wind was working up its waves. Jovina's heart was worked up too. She sighed again. "Oh, Sonny Boy."

4 April 2019
Texas Jim
Prospect, Nova Scotia
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