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Stage Door for web DSC_1195

Stage Door for web DSC_1195

Stage Door

"What? That doesn't look like any door to any stage I've ever seen! More like a barn door, that."

Well, you see, a 'stage' is a sea-going fisherman's barn. It's where the gear is kept - lines, buoys, nets, what have you. And so, like a barn, its doors are weathered from the weather. The wind and rain eat at the paint. The salt spray corrodes the hinges and the hasps. The whole stage undergoes the torsion of tides and storms, which can make a door that was well-fitting not fit so well, and drag on opening or let the elements in.

Perhaps it's also a visual metaphor for the door to memory. Where we keep all the gear of being human. Where the door is blasted by the circumstances of our lives. So that what's inside may be available or not. Sometimes we get the door open and find that what's inside has gone to ruin. Sometimes the door won't open anymore at all.

It's a mysterious thing, a stage door. A landsman becomes a mariner on passing through. A civilian becomes an actor, enlisted, someone other than they were, perhaps extraordinarily so. And a person who counted on getting inside to remember, well, they face being locked out, more and more so the older they get.

Doors were made to open up closed space. May they do so. May we help them do so. And may we care, always and ever and on to the end, for those who find themselves, at last and irrevocably, locked out without a clue.

19 March 2021
Texas Jim
West Dover, Nova Scotia
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