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Bateau Orange DSC_4713

Bateau Orange DSC_4713

Le Bateau Orange du Cœur, Une Enigme
The orange boat is waiting
not to be seen outright
but only precisely
at its best
As makeup hides a blemish and
lipstick makes you want a kiss and
therefore some is hidden and
some highlighted
so the orange boat is waiting.
When you see it as it wants to be seen
it whispers your name
as only lovers can
It says you are blessed and
I am always here somewhere.
5 April 2022
Texas Jim
Hacketts Cove, Nova Scotia
Subcategory Detail:Power Boats
Keywords:and, boat, boat, canada, cove, dock, dock, fishing, hacketts, harbor, hidden, lobster, maritimes, midships, nova, orange, scotia, telephoto, treasure, water, white