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Nice Weather for Staying Home for web DSC_4397

Nice Weather for Staying Home for web DSC_4397

Nice Weather for ...

One of my my current jazz favorites is called Nice Weather for Ducks. It's all about rain, of course. So, when winter sucks the warmth away, it must be all about ice. Which is nice weather for what? Polar bears, seals, penguins? Oh, I see the ducks putting up with it, battling the north wind to stay in the cove, but they don't seem to be having much fun. How about humans?

We humans seem to be having even less fun than the ducks. We're kept indoors, the skies are gray, we slip and fall trying to clear out our driveways. Sometimes we get so depressed we don't even want to hear that our depression isn't necessary.

So? So it's a good time to find out if it really is necessary. Where does our depression come from? Our thoughts. Where do our thoughts come from? That's a good question. In fact, that's one of the best questions. It's so good that even asking the question begins to lift the gray curtain. When we sit and meditate, which is just watching thoughts arise and vanish, we are sitting in the sunshine of our buddha nature, which is our awareness, which is perfectly pure and thus able to recognize without bias whatever arises. However we feel - strong, weak, sad, happy, angry, loving, smart, dumb, successful - our awareness gets it right away.

I'm talking too much. I'm quite aware of that, so I will stop here by saying it's nice weather for the sunshine of our buddha nature, which can "hot us up" anytime.

Winter? Give it a rest.

27 January 2022
Texas Jim
Hackett's Cove, Nova Scotia
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