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Train on Trough Road for web DSC_2755

Train on Trough Road for web DSC_2755

The Train on Trough Road
There are places a person must see for themselves. Places that reverberate within like the ringing of a dinner bell - only as if it's time, not to come home for dinner, but to leave everything you know and move on. They need not be wild places. But they are for me. I was in Colorado in the tiny town of Fraser. To continue my journey I had only to retrace the road back to I-70. But my friends Becky Holsinger Rand and Susan Stone suggested I might enjoy the Trough Road more. They did warn that most of it was dirt and that any ice or snow on it made it dangerous, that there were curves where cars had gone off. But they had heard it was currently passable and so off I went. And will go there again when I can. There was no other traffic. It was quite rugged and without that alpine magnificence that picture books are made of and that populate the ski resorts. I imagined early travellers on horseback making their way through. At the steepest point, on the most severe cutback, I stopped and photographed this train. There are places we've imposed upon but not conquered. The train pointed this out. I felt my heart pounding, as if I myself were on the mountainside, sliding down the scree as I did as a younger man and a guide. The vivid locomotive made me happy. My freezing fingers made me leave off photographing and get back in my all-wheel drive Ford and the warm air of the heater.
Choo choo, everybody!
24 November 2018
Texas Jim
Trough Road, Colorado
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