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Skitterbug in Winter w sig-bord DSC_0888

Skitterbug in Winter w sig-bord DSC_0888

Skitterbug in Winter
A little more about my pontoon boat, Skitterbug. She's a four-seasons vessel, as I don't have to put her away in winter but can haul her into the boathouse with a winch if need be. She's not long, only 19 feet, but with her pontoons is quite stable in the ocean waves. Here we're running on an electric motor with oars as back-up. Very quiet. Only the slight burble of the pontoons moving through the water. And with a range that will easily get me from Prospect harbour and around those distant islands and back with power to spare. It looks cold and it was cold, but you can dress for that, and it REALLY beats being housebound. The sense of space and freedom is exhilarating, and it's a meditative experience from start to finish. In fact, the slower you go, the farther you can go - that's how it is with electric motors.
I'm just very sure to be current with the weather forecasts, especially the wind possibilities. A little snow isn't bad, but a rising wind can be tough.
I know many of you, maybe most, don't have this possibility, so I wish that in your heart, spontaneously and for no reason, you may feel what I feel when I'm out there, and relax and be cheerful wherever you are. My love to you.
16 February 2021
Texas Jim
Prospect, Nova Scotia
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