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Where No One Else Goes DSC_0005

Where No One Else Goes DSC_0005

Where No One Else Goes
The best place to meditate may not be the most beautiful. I like this place at the mouth of Prospect Village's back bay, in the area known as the barachois. There are no awe-inspiring breakers, no grand displays of granite, no wildlife in evidence, nothing picturesque to speak of. But it is completely natural. You can feel here the limit of the ocean's reach, how it grasps at and pulls on the land. There is a breadth of open sky and freshness un-occluded by any manmade toxicity. The water is unmarred by any engine fuel rainbows. No else thinks it's worth being here, however, so you have it all to yourself. You can sit on a rock and practice meditation and the silence is welcoming and the solitude profound. And you know that you can extol the virtues of such a place to the heavens and still no one is going to flock to it to crowd you out. That's pretty good, isn't it?
19 January 2021
Texas Jim (author of Big Bertha and Little Mac, Love Stories from the Granite Coast)
Prospect, Nova Scotia
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