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Farther Out w sig-bord DSC_0369

Farther Out w sig-bord DSC_0369

Farther Out
When all the close-in work is done
it's farther out we go.
We'll sink the land and all we've known
and farther out we'll go.
We'll shrink to a spot and then to a dot
as farther out we go
and all our friends and family
will look and look and hope to see
what they will never see again
and we will never be again
as farther out we go.
17 January 2021
Texas Jim (author of Big Bertha and Little Mac, Love Stories from the Granite Coast, Friesen Press)
off Prospect, Nova Scotia
Subcategory Detail:Power Boats
Keywords:and, atlantic, black, boat, cape, contrast, distance, distant, fishing, high, horizon, islander, lobster, monochrome, north, ocean, ripples, sea, seagull, solitude, telephoto, threshold, vessel, white