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Fiddlers Green Greets Autumn for web DSC_5375

Fiddlers Green Greets Autumn for web DSC_5375

Fiddlers Green Looks Out Far

Fiddlers Green belongs to my friend Chris, who uses her to give guided tours of the nearby islands. Here the west wind has her pointed as if looking out to sea, feeling the change of season and wondering how long before she is hauled for the year. I feel it too, in my own way. One of my favorite poets, John Berryman, wrote of his alter ego Henry Pussycat, "Henry could live in a world of fall forever, grieving, impenitent Henry." And although I do not grieve, that line has stayed with me and is renewed in my mind with the advent of each delicious autumn which nevertheless presages our long winter.

17 September 2022
Texas Jim
Prospect, Nova Scotia
Subcategory Detail:Sail Yachts
Keywords:Canada, Nova, Prospect, Scotia, atlantic, autumnal, catboat, clouds, coast, granite, harbor, harbour, islands, longing, maritimes, mastless, moored, north, ocean, sea, windy