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Cossatot Hangover for web DSC_3148

Cossatot Hangover for web DSC_3148

What Love Believes

My love will not believe
that I am in the frozen north again.
She says although you take a million photographs
of cardinals in ice-sheathed evergreens
I will not let them come to pass.
You are the one I have been searching for.
You are the one in whom the sun knows no direction.
North, south, east or west you shine the same.
If there are any birds of any multitude of colours
they will roost in desert cedars
and sing songs of flame.

And every song they sing
will be my name.

14 January 2018
Texas Jim
Harrisonburg, Virginia
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Keywords:Arkansas, Cossatot, foam, ledges, rapids, river, sandstone, soft-focus