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Chat in the Cabin w sig-bord DSC_1467

Chat in the Cabin w sig-bord DSC_1467

Chat in the Cabin "Well, she's breezin' up. What do you say? Finish our rounds or go on in?" Laughter from the wheel. "Yes b'y." Laughter all around. "Yes b'y." "Reckon we oughta advise that there fellow in the skiff with the camera?" "Yes, b'y." More laughter. "Well, I'm glad we had this little conversation. Lord knows it's good to stay in touch." More laughter. No advice for the gent in the skiff. No deviation from the rounds remaining. Thunder rumbling and spray spotting the windshield. "A skiff with pontoons, for all love," says the captain. "Yes b'y." More laughter till the buoy for the next trap looms. 16 April 2021 Texas Jim Off Betty's Island, Nova Scotia
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