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Berries by the Dock w border DSC_0036Frost on Grape Leaves 2 w border DSC_0600Frost on Grape Leaves w border DSC_0599Frosty Morning in the Vineyard w border DSC_0594Frosty Vineyard at Sunup DSC_0110Grape Leaves in the Fall w border DSC_0597Green Figs w border DSC_0333Lynn's Tomatoes w border DSC_0313Pears w border DSC_0327Plums w border DSC_0420Plums w border DSC_0422The Berries w border DSC_0106Vineyard across the Way DSC_0476Vineyard Rolls DSC_0129Vineyard Rolls w border DSC_0132Young Cabernet Sauvignon Grapes w border DSC_0212Blueberries w sig DSC_1989Oranges and Anteojos Oscuros w sig-bord for web DSC_8027

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