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Beyond Hope and Fear

September 09, 2016  •  2 Comments

In the morning, open your door without hesitation. Don't hope to have a good day or fear to have a bad one. Abandon all thoughts of hope and fear and rely on whatever arises. When you do this, every day is good. Your view is open, spacious and relaxed. You step out. You open the car door. The engine light comes on. That is something to note, not to despair about. Whatever occurs is the key to your original mind, to your natural state. Watch what you see on your way to work. If you want a mantra that will help you, try "I'm not at work yet. Not at work yet. Not at work yet." Or, "In a dream nothing can hurt me, and in the end isn't this just like a dream?" You're late to work. You get fired. You can't afford the repairs to the engine. You lose your home. Your partner divorces you. Don't hope it will get better, don't fear it will get worse. All the waves that arise in the ocean subside in the ocean. You're home free. Arriving Safely at the End

Welcome to the Granite Coast.

Rowgin Jim


Carolyn Peters(non-registered)
I am relatively new using an iPad and I always look for your postings.Not only your out of the world pictures but your beautiful captions that go with each picture.I am not really sure how I came across your presentation of The Granite Coast but so glad I did.I know at some point you talk about doing a book and you have your contents in what I just seen.Please please put your work into a book and I will be the first to purchase it.My late husband who was from England always loved Nova Scotia and at one time our dream was to retire there.I am not likely to return and would really cherish your book it would be the next best thing to being there.Thank you so much you can't possibly know how much I enjoyed this presentation.My sincere thanks.Carolyn.
This is beautiful and calming and true. thank you for the reminders.

This website is a joy to behold; the music that accompanies the photos is perfect. Happy to see your environment through your eyes.
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