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Still 2 for web DSC_2698On the Mooring DSC_2669 (1)Hauling In w sig-bord DSC_0243Hooking On DSC_9832Landfall w sig-bord DSC_8827Isaac Jumping Off the Guvvie w sig-bord DSC_8830In the Cool of the Evening DSC_8835John Charles in Canoe DSC_8736Prospect from Just Outside the Harbour DSC_8652Joe's Boat and Traps for web DSC_8355Prospect Harbour inna Summer Light w sig-bord DSC_8347Be a Brightness DSC_7762Minou 2 w sig-bord DSC_8232Scott's Boat w sig-bord DSC_8230Confusion as Wisdom DSC_8139In Prospect Harbour w sig-bord DSC_8138Derelict Bow DSC_8094_01Raft-Up on the LaHave w sig-bord for web DSC_8108Minou in Fog Bow OnBay Bliss Between the Blooms DSC_7950

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