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A Bit More of Tonight's Sky w border DSC_0140A Bit of Tonight's Sky w border DSC_0557Last Fragment of Tonight's Sky w border DSC_01447 June 2013 rowga 001Swimming Away w border DSC_0521A Casual Perfection w border DSC_0068A Different PlaygroundAdventuring at Home w border DSC_0203Ashe w border DSC_0120Rowga Sunset w border DSC_0138Runoff w border DSC_0204Stiff Breeze w sigSail and Sky w border DSC_0239The Live Oak and the Looking Down Face w border DSC_0437The Power and the Glory with borderThe Steeple and the Dawn w border DSC_0003View from Sunshine Road w border DSC_0405When My Ship Comes In w border DSC_0430When That Evening Sun Goes Down w border DSC_0338Windblown w border DSC_0098

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