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Carrot Juice DSC_5774

Carrot Juice DSC_5774

Secret Juice

Recently I praised a juice I extracted from carrots, apples and ginger. It was good, really. But those ingredients were all from the supermarket. Yesterday, while talking things over with a local vendor at the farmer's market, I mentioned that I would like to see if her carrots were sweeter than those from the supermarket. "Not only that," she said. "Not only are they sweeter by far, but (and this is a secret so tell everyone) if you mix them with a certain sweet potato of a variety not available in the supermarket but yes from another vendor just a few stalls from here, you will have a taste treat you will not believe."

She was right. I couldn't find local ginger, but otherwise the drink was as she suggested and the result incredible. Creamy from the sweet potatoes, sweet from the carrots, spicy from the ginger. Redefines delicious.

So, next week when I go for more carrots and sweet potatoes from the same two stalls, I'll be able to say I did my duty and told everyone I could the secret.

Try it out. But remember. It's secret.

24 November 2019
Texas Jim
Halifax, Nova Scotia
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