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At Walker Lake w border DSC_0067Boats Once Launched Here w border DSC_0998Bog Grass w border DSC_0313High Pond w border DSC_0412Lake Mic Mac on w border Christmas Morn DSC_0544Lay of the Land w border DSC_0397Lost Pond in the Altogether w border DSC_0089Lost Pond with a View of Eagle Peak w border DSC_0084Marshland w border DSC_0892On Thin Ice with borderStill Icy w border DSC_0465The Short Pole and the Bird on the Tracks w border DSC_0558This Way and That Way with borderWalker Lake Spillway w border DSC_0074Walker Lake w border DSC_0458Marsh Pond - High Head Trail at The Alley w sig DSC_2514High Head Walk - The Alley w sig DSC_2775Land of Lakes w sig DSC_3556Shorebird Solitude DSC_6205Moja Mama in the Barachois for web DSC_0730

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