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Down Home w border DSC_0740Full Moon w sig DSC_0736Headland and Moon w border DSC_0344Lament of the Moon w sigLuna Flamenca w sig DSC_0775Moonrise over Prospect Harbour w border DSC_0171Night Before the Super Moon w border DSC_0222Reflections on the Prelude to a Super Moon w border DSC_0225Super Moon Over Prospect Harbour w sigThe Dock and the Moon and the Yacht DSC_0584I Cover the Waterfront 8 w sig for web DSC_3294Super Moon - Moonset w sig for web DSC_3752Super Moon - Moonset 3 w sig DSC_3724Super Moon - Moonset 2 w sig for web DSC_3755Sultry Super Moon w sig DSC_3740Ice Cream Cone Moon in Strawberry Sauce Clouds for web DSC_7398Moon over the Salt Marsh DSC_8805Moon as an Orange DSC_0697Full Moon Over Moab for webMoab Moon DSC_2787

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