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A Yellow Leaf w border DSC_0257Sand Ripples w border DSC_0369Shallow Brown  w border DSC_0709The Water as the Ocean Ends w border DSC_0019Trap Marker w border DSC_0875Water Window w border DSC_0416As the Light Leaves w border DSC_0855Between Sea and Sky 2 w sig DSC_0510Between Sea and Sky DSC_0511First Light on the Water w border DSC_0245Fog over Betty's DSC_0131Sailors Delight w border DSC_0405Sea of Mirrors 2 w sigSea of Mirrors 3 w sigSea of Mirrors 4 w sigSea of Mirrors 5 w sigSea of Mirrors w sigSea of MirrorsThe Fog at the Channel Buoy DSC_0416Play of Wind, Sky and Pond w border DSC_0681

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