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A Dock of Many Colours w sig DSC_0932A Most Wonderful Dock DSC_0585All Along the Waterfront DSC_0392Charley's and the ChurchDSC_0055Charley's Dock DSC_0027Docks of Prospect - Granddaddy Longlegs DSC_1038Docks of Prospect - The Fortress DSC_1039Dr. Caligari's Dock with borderEast Dover from Across the Water DSC_0291Fin de Saison DSC_0334Fishing Boat in Winter with borderFoggy Plunge w border DSC_0102Homemade with borderLate Afternoon in a Past Still Present w border DSC_0300Leaving Harbour at Sundown w border DSC_0391Let's Go Down to the Waterline w sig DSC_0186Lighthouse Like a Pink Flamingo w border DSC_0461Looking at the Cove from Charley's Place DSC_0022Michael's Dock w border DSC_0161Paddy's Head Lighthouse  w border DSC_0417

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