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Dried Grass Against Granite w border DSC_0573At the End of the Gully w border DSC_0721Buckeye on the Slope w border DSC_0125Grass in the crack w sigHigh Grass Hill w border DSC_0298Hillside with Wild Oats and Thistle w border DSC_0739Just the Grass w border DSC_0130Old Buckeye w border DSC_0958Storm Tide Sweep DSC_0993The Bliss in the Long Grass DSC_0462The Face in the Wild Oats w border DSC_0737The Herd in the High Grass w border DSC_0725The Village as Fascinator w border DSC_0523The Wee Bench on the Hill w border DSC_0138Two Boats on a Beach w sigWild Oats and Laurel  w border DSC_0735Wild Oats in a Sea Breeze w border DSC_0754Wild Oats Like a River w border DSC_0823Wild Oats of Linholme 2 w sig DSC_0747Wild Oats of Linholme w sig DSC_0747

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