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DSC_7780Sundowners DSC_7511Three Vessels DSC_7558WatchdogSwanSpacious DSC_7124Approaching Hopson IslandShelly and Michael with Traps DSC_4553_01Miles to Go for web DSC_4486West of the High Head DSC_4443Working DSC_4192On the Water in the Winter DSC_4224Fog and Ocean and That's All DSC_2846Great Expanse DSC_2455Lobster Buoy and Fog DSC_2079Skitterbug in Winter w sig-bord DSC_0888Off to Work w sig-bord DSC_0306Farther Out w sig-bord DSC_0369Settled Mind w sig-bord DSC_8899Good Morning from Mama Ocean w sig DSC_7384

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