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Cabin near Pagosa Springs 1 DSC_4297

Cabin near Pagosa Springs 1 DSC_4297


Not that you don't want
but that you do want
the living land
mesquite sage cottonwood
the river holding forth on nonconceptuality
the unseen river
and the red cabin
that the chipmunks and locusts and eagles and ants
all assail with their various languages
of uncharted meaning
and so not that you don't want
another or others or many or any
it's simply not wanting not lacking not missing
so that somewhere in the awkward world of many words
where sorrow lurks in the shadows of letters
somewhere out of the way
as a way of its own
there will be an example
of natural joy

16 July 2019
Texas Jim
Pagosa Springs, Colorado
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Keywords:Colorado, Pagosa, Springs, alone, cabin, country, forest, high, isolated, mountainous, prairie, red, roof, rural, tin, woods