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An Intemperate Affair with borderApproaching Rogue's Roost w border DSC_0143Ashore on Saul's Island w border DSC_0378Bald Rock 4 w sig DSC_0065Before Bald Rock w border DSC_0504Burnt Island w sigDrifting 1Drifting 4 w sigExplosion w border DSC_0139Fog over Betty's 2 DSC_0132Fog over Betty's DSC_0131Fourth Study in Green and Red w border DSC_0493Good Evening w border DSC_0408Granite and Gulls w border DSC_0273Granite Coast Guardian w sigHouse on Redmond Island DSC_0825In and Out Among the Islands w border DSC_0134Islands in Light and Shade w border DSC_0214Islands in the Light w border DSC_0218Islands of the Granite Coast w border DSC_0487

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