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Wallet DSC_7075

Wallet DSC_7075

The Choices We Get
A wallet I've had for almost forty years, you'd think it would remember to stay with me. Yet I go out this morning and it forgets me. I've got my shopping list of absolute necessities, my gloves, my wipes, my courage. I arrive at the store thinking I've got everything, only to check my inside jacket pocket and to my astonishment discover nothing there. So, friends, here are the choices we get. Is it a setback or a joke? If we seize on it as a setback, anger arises. Our chances of further misfortune increase exponentially. But if we see it as a joke, a joke on us, well, you could drive the thirty minutes back home laughing a little, and you could return to the store and accidentally meet a friend you wouldn't otherwise have encountered and be so happy to do so. And all is well and all will be well. Shine on, rising stars! Love is with you!
21 March 2020
Texas Jim
Bayer's Lake, Nova Scotia
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