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Castaway Party for web DSC_4482

Castaway Party for web DSC_4482

The Cast-Off Party
The cast party seemed to be over early. Instead of booking in the city, the party's organizers had elected to have it on set, there in the coastal village where most of the footage had been shot and where the snow was thickening and the wind rising. The two stars of Taking the Bait had been whisked away in a helicopter as soon as the last scene had concluded, without them even raising a glass. So the question was, continue here, go somewhere else, or go home. It had been a grueling schedule with most of the cast and crew on call all week in awful winter weather. Face after face disappeared from the circle around the bonfire as people slipped away, too exhausted for words. Even Driver, the heart of every party, gave in, though not without a goodbye to Farhead.
"I'm flat played out," he said. "I can't believe they left like that. You gotta show some appreciation, no matter how famous you are. And after I went in the drink for that asshole because he can't stay on his feet on a boat and don't know how to swim. The hell with Hollywood. You and me, we'll have a drink together soon, my friend. I thank you for all your hard work."
Farhead had Nearheart with him. "Well," he said, "we still made some money. We still got to meet them."
"They can kiss my foot," Nearheart shot back.
"I say we all go dancing." The face that floated in from the shadows had a saintly demeanor, calm and glowing in the light from the flames. "We're all a bunch of cast-offs. Might as well stick together and have some fun while we're at it."
"My name is Cloud." She shook her halo of white hair as if to explain. Then she pulled another woman from the dark. "And this is Minnie. Minnie's already drunk. But I'm sure you'll catch up."
Minnie pulled Cloud to her and bent down and kissed the shorter woman full and lingeringly on the lips. "Yes," she said when she looked up, "of course you'll catch up. Because we need to celebrate, not this damn movie, because I don't care if I never do background again, but two friends of mine worth more than all the stuck-up, shit-for-brains celebrities in all the world. Their names were Mac and Bertie and they saved my life and now they're gone. This would have been their anniversary."
Minnie staggered and Cloud steadied her with an arm around her waist. "And when we're tired of dancing," said Cloud, "we'll tell stories till dawn. We have plenty. I'm sure you do too."
They didn't wait for an answer but headed toward the roped-off temporary parking lot. Farhead and Nearheart followed as if drawn by a magnet, having no idea where they were going and not particularly caring. Soon there was no one around the fire but a waddling seagull prodded by the gusting wind, who peered here and there and everywhere as if wondering what had happened to the hand-outs.
(to be continued)
22 February 2022
Texas Jim
Prospect, Nova Scotia
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