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Apparition w border DSC_0311Buck with an Antler Awry w border DSC_0262Bunny in the Burial Ground w sig DSC_0557Diamondback w border DSC_0428Doe and Fawn w border DSC_0457Doe in the High Grass w border DSC_1006Jackrabbit w border DSC_0199Lagarto w border DSC_0979Lizard on a Screen B&W w border DSC_0249Longchen Lizard w border DSC_0605Mikyo Doe w border DSC_0298My Friend Suleiman Salamander w border DSC_0592Noble Nibbler DSC_0041White Deer w border DSC_0943Jellyfish DSC_1327Red-Sided California Garter Snake w border DSC_0182Squirrel at Shuby Park w border DSC_0568The Snake That Posed w border DSC_0189Two Fawns w sig DSC_1011Village Deer w sig DSC_0569

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