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Avon River Bottomland for web DSC_0020

Avon River Bottomland for web DSC_0020

For Those Who Feel Left Out

The ray of sun the clouds cannot contain
I wish for you
The bountiful harvest already safely gathered
I wish for you
The realization that loneliness is only a thought
I wish for you

If a Thanksgiving dinner won't be on your table
If neither family nor friends will be gathered around
If loneliness protests its reality
and carries the jury

may the love find you
that goes far beyond
that is over and under and less than and more than
and perfectly equal to
everything you don't have
and all that you do

The bounty is unborn
The thanks are self-existing
The night cannot hold out
against the light

Open your arms in the space
Open your mind in the space

Relax in what was never alone or together.

Be well. Please be well.

8 October 2018
Texas Jim
Along the Avon River, Nova Scotia
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