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A Season for Everything for web DSC_6893All Along the Waterfront DSC_0392Angling for Mackerel w sig DSC_7296At Rest In Terence Bay w sig DSC_6526At Sea DSC_0230Bay Bliss at Waggoner's Beach DSC_7729Before the Snow for web DSC_4061Bertha's Boat w border DSC_3851Big Yellow w sig DSC_3995Blue Struggle 2 for web DSC_8503Boat - This Is It for web DSC_9492Boat and Church DSC_1036Bow Wave 2 DSC_6720Budget Lobstering DSC_8343Cadillac of Cape Islanders DSC_7407Cape Islander in Shad BayChat in the Cabin w sig-bord DSC_1467Chignecto Mariner Looking BackChilly Chignecto Mariner w border DSC_0095Christmas Guests Terrence Bay w sig DSC_4074