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Autumnal Landscape with Erratics w border DSC_0307Chilly Chignecto Mariner w border DSC_0095Dragonfly Statue w border DSC_0530Fall Colours Near McGrath's Cove w border DSC_0283Field of Red w border DSC_0480Free-Standing Stones w border DSC_0315Frost on Grape Leaves 2 w border DSC_0600Frost on Grape Leaves w border DSC_0599Frosty Morning in the Vineyard w border DSC_0594Frosty Vineyard at Sunup w border DSC_0110Grape Leaves in the Fall w border DSC_0597Islands of the Granite Coast w border DSC_0487Last Leaves w border DSC_0375The Berries w border DSC_0106The Green and the Red w border DSC_0482The Red and the Green w border DSC_0486The Underbrush that Bled Pure Bliss w border DSC_0481Third Study in Red and Green w border DSC_0492Trap Handler w border DSC_0793Land of Lakes w sig DSC_3556

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