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Drifting 9 w sigEast Dover from Across the Water DSC_0291Dwellings of Prospect - Charles Shed with borderfishing boats 2 w sigfishing boats w sigLobster Boxes DSC_1128Lobster Trap Graveyard w border DSC_0853Lonely Lobster Buoy w sigLower Prospect Early March with border DSC_0942Paddy's Head Lighthouse  w border DSC_0417Place of Work Place of Worship with border DSC_0954Red Window Frames with borderTrap Handler w border DSC_0793Water Everywhere and a Bottle in Hand DSC_0745Windy Day Along the Bay w border DSC_0370Who Cares w sig DSC_2151Buoys - Hwy 333 w sig for web DSC_1784Latter Days DSC_7692The Way In Is Not The Way Out DSC_8858Old Buoys DSC_1418

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