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Tidal Pool for web DSC_6816

Tidal Pool for web DSC_6816

Continuity Through Confusion
Somewhere while everything is going wrong, something is going right, perhaps imperceptibly, perhaps unnoticed. Here in the photo, new life begins in a tidal pool in the lap of seemingly sterile granite. In our minds, while our thoughts are going this way and that with sadness and happiness, our mere awareness is pure at the source, beyond being bullied. We can always rest there, and we can arise from there whole, with new life as it were, unburdened by past or future or even the present. The only trick is, you have to rest there to find out. That is meditation.
16 May 2020
Texas Jim
Prospect, Nova Scotia
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Keywords:close-up, coast, granite, moss, pool, rocks, rocky, seaweed, tidal