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Lion's Roar for web DSC_3875

Lion's Roar for web DSC_3875

Lion's Roar

Buddhism is not a bunny rabbit religion. It has fangs. But they are only the fangs that drink the hearts blood of ego. There is a fierceness, a self-protecting fierceness, to the teachings that preclude illusion eliminating the truth of the way things are from the world. Yet its manifestation to the ordinary being is complete gentleness and openness, good will and kindness. Having been a Baptist in my youth, I would venture to say that Buddhism is not really a religion at all. It is a practice. You find out the tools you need to disassemble hypocrisy and deception, and you practice doing it till you get the job right. And you may seem to be just diligent. But at the heart of the matter, the lion is roaring.

3 May 2019
Texas Jim
Yolmo, Nepal [image from the main stupa there]
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