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Marble and Bottletops w sig DSC_2807

Marble and Bottletops w sig DSC_2807

Gift Recovered from the Sea
A child's marble - a cats eye - and two bottles, their refuge the cove where all the other village refuse was thrown. And then all the years, the submersion, the mud, the burying, grinding and breaking. And then generations later, the finding of them at low tide, of what's left, by a child-like person who cleans and arranges and leaves them with her host. A gift recovered from the sea. Worthless, and at the same time, as precious as can be. Fragments of a dream world. Reminders that apparitions we are, and apparitions we shall ever be.
Subcategory Detail:Glass
Keywords:bottles, catseye, fragments, junk, life, marbles, precious, relics, reminders, still, worthless