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Prospect Heart and Soul DSC_0221Prospect from the Sea DSC_9609Mast and Steeple DSC_9629Our Lady of the Granite Coast for web DSC_9416Hanging On for web DSC_9603Downtown Prospect Nova Scotia DSC_9456Miss Paddy's Head and Paddy's Head Light for web DSC_9296Along the Waterfront for web DSC_9282Coastal Village DSC_9258The House on Saul Island DSC_9222Everything You Need Is Everywhere You Are DSC_9107Looking Through to the Harbour for web DSC_9034Upstairs at the Old Bed and Breakfast DSC_8918_01Nova Scotia Sense of  Order for web DSC_8904Nova Scotia Angles for web DSC_8902Nova Scotia Colour for web DSC_8905Later On In The Evening DSC_8859Old Church Rear Door for web DSC_8823Fishing Stage - Peggy's Cove - Sideview for web DSC_8850Old Shed for web DSC_8852

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