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Seaweed Underwater w sig DSC_4527

Seaweed Underwater w sig DSC_4527

Seaweed Underwater and Above

Seaweed above water has a rather useless look, still, shapeless, usually piled up somewhere after a high tide or tidal surge. Yet underwater it is a magnificent thing with stately aspect, flowing, rippling like a flag. And it may be that there are many people like this, whose outward aspect reveals nothing special, and who are easily dismissed or ignored, but in their minds, don't they have this rich stateliness that is the nature of all our minds. I believe they do.

[Prospect, Nova Scotia]
Subcategory:Snow and Ice
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Keywords:Hearn, atlantic, canada, coast, coastline, floating, granite, ice, icicles, island, north, nova, ocean, rocks, rocky, runoff, scotia, sea, seaweed, shoreline, thin, topsoil