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Seaweed as Meditation Support DSC_7078

Seaweed as Meditation Support DSC_7078

Seaweed in a Snow Flurry
Rowed around the harbour yesterday, just before sunset. Wind too high to venture out further, so stayed inside the harbour islands and parked among some seaweedy rocks. It felt so good to be out of the house, in the fresh salty air, I didn't really care what I did. So I didn't do anything. I remembered it's possible to use almost anything as a focal support for meditation, so I honed in on the rock with the prettiest seaweed and just sat there in the little dinghy. Slightly heaving with the little bit of rise and fall of the water, slightly blowing back and forth with the little bit of wind that was there, it was an unusual meditation cushion but a serviceable one. And then it began to snow a little. So that was a little more unusual. I watched as my clothes and the seaweed began to accumulate a little whiteness. I didn't realize enlightenment, but I did realize how much fun one can have doing nothing in the right place.
28 March 2020
Texas Jim
Prospect, Nova Scotia
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