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Great Eastern Sun Arise DSC_4905

Great Eastern Sun Arise DSC_4905

Yesterday and Today
Yesterday a child who thought he was a man told me
that they could never be friends
not those who sailed with those who motored
on the sea
Today I parked beside a cherry tree
and watched as young girls laughed
and took each other's pictures
as the blossoms fell like gentle rain
And yesterday a woman very much a woman
said how sad she was that people were so mean
that a child who thought he was a man told her
all sailboats should be sunk as her friend's was
Today I drove with cherry blossoms on my car
across a bridge in driving rain
and laughed to see how beauty stuck
and would not be washed away
And yesterday a boat beneath the waves
said we are all the same at last
and enemies are like a dream and
we should rise and shine
Today a dandelion beside a thorny bush
appeared as if wearing the robes of a royal
and the rain was the sky crying
for all those who would never grow up
28 May 2022
Texas Jim
Prospect, Nova Scotia
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Keywords:background, bush, dandelion, flower, garden, purple, thorny