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69 DSC_0457 w sigAthletes with Babu on U of Calgary CampusCartoon CadillacConversation in the Fog 1Cow and Cone DSC_0491Cow Contemplating a Pine Cone DSC_0576Cow Humping a Pine Cone DSC_0536Flight TrainingNot Talking w border DSC_0174Somebody Talking Nobody Listening 2 w sig CSC_0129The Coolen's with borderThe Floating Life with borderPatsy's Birds Have Flown DSC_0643Patsy's Wise Old Owl DSC_0644Two Statues w sig DSC_3423Surfing Gull and Duck w sig DSC_4462The Tears of Trump w sig for web DSC_4522Nuthin Wrong for web DSC_8093A Nova Scotian in Mid-Winter for web DSC_8521Nova Scotia Angles for web DSC_8902

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