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Boarded-up Window for web DSC_8831

Boarded-up Window for web DSC_8831

Boarded-up Window

I saw this in the village and was reminded of abstract paintings like the ones my old friend Steven Alexander in New York does. That made me wonder what I was really looking at. It's not a window anymore. You can't see through it, so even to call it a boarded-up window is off the mark. Because if it isn't a window, it can't be a boarded-up window. I tried some other conceptual possibilities before deciding that after all I had it right in the first place. It's an abstract. You see it, and yet definitions just slide off of it. Anyway, don't go breaking in there. I hear there's a fierce guard dog inside that chews on broken glass to keep its teeth sharp when human bones aren't available. :-)

1 March 2018
Texas Jim
Prospect, Nova Scotia
Category:Architecture and Structures
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Keywords:Canada, Prospect, abstract, boarded-up, colorful, nova, old, painting, plywood, scotia, window