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Geese over Hopson Island for web DSC_4154

Geese over Hopson Island for web DSC_4154

Island Promenade

I was just looking for something in common. The geese were flying over Hopson Island in their seasonal roundabout. And I was in my wetsuit swimming around Prospect Harbour. I felt their great freedom. I sat on a rock in the harbour feeling that. I felt it like it was my own. And then it was my own. As it is every time I go round the harbour. It's no feat. It just feels good. It's a public place, but no one's watching. Unless maybe the geese are watching me. Anyways, promenade! I think if I died on that rock, it would be fine. As if nature had saved the last dance for me.

29 August 2022
Texas Jim
Prospect, Nova Scotia
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