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Earth Just Slipped Away DSC_8954

Earth Just Slipped Away DSC_8954

Earth Just Slipped Away

We're sorry. Earth just slipped away. Do not adjust your dials. You are seeing the actual picture. There are no technical difficulties. One moment worldly things were there and the next they were gone. It appears that all we have left now is the sky. We advise against panic. We also advise against overuse of whatever supplies you use to cope with panic. It's going to be a long ride in a small spaceship. We have to learn to get along with less and yet still get along with each other. You have the administration's best wishes. Good night and good luck.

15 August 2020
Texas Jim
Prospect, Nova Scotia
200-500mm at 290mm, ƒ/7.1, ISO 320
Subcategory Detail:
Keywords:clouds, dramatic, only, sky, skyscape