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Sonny Boy 1 DSC_3343

Sonny Boy 1 DSC_3343

Episode 1. They Call Me Sonny Boy
Yes, it looks like a shed. It is a shed. It's also where I lay my head.
My name is none of your concern. They call me Sonny Boy. Well, they can call me what they want and so can you. I punch my raggedy old mail bag up, with all that mail inside that never was delivered, and when it feels as pillowy as it will ever get, I close my eyes and say my prayer and then drift off.
My prayer is not to freeze and it will be my prayer till summer comes and the flies arise and multiply and blanket the inside of the shed windows and then I will pray that all at once they all drop dead and stop landing on me and with their little tickling steps making my skin crawl.
Sure you want a story. Well, I plan to have one soon. But it's time right now to sit down by the window. Why? Because the clouds are good to watch. They ease my mind. All things must pass is what the clouds say. And this too. This waiting and not knowing who I was or care to be just in the morning getting in the truck and on the boat when I am told.
In the morning when the snow's still blue and in the evening when it's blue again, that's all I know about life on land these days. That's a whole lot of all I know. They say my name is so and so and I was such and such and that I slipped on deck and hit my head, but I don't know. I always smell like fish is something I do know. And that it won't wash out till I use soap. And when I will use soap again, well, that's another thing that I can't seem to wrap my head around. Seems like there's something in my mind against it.
Sonny! When they call that name I'll come. That's what they know. But call my real name and I won't. They know that too. But none of us knows why. At least I don't. And if they do, they don't let on.
Well, that is all I got for now. Now it's time to just watch and let my worries slide like clouds do through the sky. That brings me peace until I sleep and dream. Or till they come a'calling and I got to go outside again.
Till then I'll just keep talking to myself and never getting any answer.

8 March 2019
Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia
Texas Jim
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