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Bokeh Okeh Dokeh w sig-bord DSC_4438

Bokeh Okeh Dokeh w sig-bord DSC_4438

Gold Coins of Winter

So, everything is trapped in ice. To go pick up groceries, I had to smash ice off the car. And then straight home, feeling the limitations. Feeling a bit of poor me. So many days of storms and staying indoors. But the sunset had something in store. An icebound field in the lowering light became treasure. Not with what was in focus but with what was out of focus, which was the background where the sun in the tall frozen grass was at play. So I cut out the foreground so you could see what I saw, and feel as rich as I realized I always have been, because wealth is not always something you can spend.

7 February 2022
Texas Jim
Prospect, Nova Scotia
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