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Fiona and the Erratic DSC_5433

Fiona and the Erratic DSC_5433

Fiona and the Erratic

That standing stone has been there since the last Ice Age. Nevertheless, when a hurricane makes the sea rise mountain high, it seems it could be swept away like a pebble. I have boundless respect for the power of the sea and spent two days getting ready for Fiona. So please forgive me everyone for not replying to your comments as much as I normally do. Although all is well, I'm somewhat fatigued by the experience.

24 September 2022
Texas Jim
Prospect, Nova Scotia
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Keywords:Atlantic, Canada, Nova, Prospect, Scotia, breaking, coast, erratic, fiona, granite, hurricane, ominous, sea, seagrass, sky, spray, standing, stone, swelling, wave